Zinc concentrate – our most valuable by-product

In most blast furnaces found in metallurgical plants, residual materials with a zinc content of up to 10% cannot be processed. DK, on the other hand, has achieved optimizing its blast furnace process during many years of developmental work in such a way that today residual materials containing zinc can be used consciously. After the coarse dust has been separated, the waste air from the blast furnace (furnace gas) is cleaned in dry and wet cleaning steps during which a highly pure and finely granulated concentrate with a zinc content of 65-68% is produced. The special characteristic of zinc is that it is neither losing its original product attribute nor its quality during the recycling process. This valuable by-product is particularly of interest to zinc producers, smelters and processors. The cleaned furnace gas is subsequently utilized as power in the in-house power plant so that this does not encumber the environment.

It is almost impossible to close a recycling cycle more sustainably and economically! If you have further questions about our zinc concentrate, please contact your direct contact person.