DK pig iron – more than just a raw material

We, DK Recycling und Roheisen GmbH, are one of the leading producers of foundry pig iron in Europe. Being an important pig iron producer in Central Europe, we know from experience just how important the availability of special pig iron is to the foundry industry. Our high-quality DK pig iron is precisely tailored to the individual requirements of our customers and its quality is tested as often like nowhere else. Through our close cooperation with the international raw material trader “Hargreaves raw material services GmbH“ we offer our about 300 global customers an incomparable one-stop shopping opportunity. We are thus able to guarantee an on-time delivery of the approximate 300,000 tons of pig iron a year to our customers.

DK in Duisburg is the only producer worldwide that produces pig iron of guaranteed highest quality out of ferrous residual materials. For our partners of the European steel industry, there is no industrial alternative regarding the accumulating dusts and muds. The ferrous materials of this kind, which are not recycled by us, would otherwise have to be deposited elsewhere. This would put a massive strain on the environment. Out of the two million tons of residual materials of the iron and steel industry accumulating in Europe currently, DK recycles 580,000 tons per year, contributing massively to relieving our environment.

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