DK-recycling – the ecologically valuable alternative

DK Recycling is probably the oldest industrial recycling company in the world. For us, the ferrous residual materials of the steel industry are not waste products but high-quality secondary raw resources. Every year approximately 580,000 tons of accumulating residual materials of the iron and steel industry are recycled using DK’s proprietary DK-process. Through our research whose main goal has been sustainability for over 100 years, this process now enables a recycling rate of 98%. In addition to the ferrous residual materials, we have also found resource-saving and efficient recycling options for a number of other elements. After all, comprehensive recycling is our contribution to environmental protection.

The alternative to the recycling process would be waste disposal, which poses a great threat to the environment in most cases. The deposited materials remain at the site of disposal for an eternity and thus constantly posing an incalculable threat. The residual materials that end up at DK, however, are responsibly disposed of for the companies and open up a commendable solution towards “zero waste“. Additionally, the DK recycling process offers many advantages from an economical point of view as the waste disposal costs have risen drastically for companies due to the new environmental regulations.