DK as employer

Today, DK is an important and high-performance company for the region and furthermore a leading recycling company worldwide. Every day we assert ourselves on the international market and face the constantly changing requirements of the industry. As a strong, innovative company, we are continually looking for committed and qualified personalities to support us.

In this we can offer you various job prospects in different areas or enable you to enter the world of pig iron as a trainee or career starter. Additionally, we regularly offer the opportunity to complete interesting internships or to write your thesis at our company.

Have we piqued your interest? If so, you can find more informations on our career pages or contact us directly.
Speculative applications are also very welcome.

Our employees tell us:

Kerstin Walter – Head of sinter plant

After successfully completing my studies of metallurgy and forming technology, my career path at DK Recycling and Roheisen GmbH initially began as a process engineer. My several years as a working student at HKM have given me a lot of experience to start my career, so I managed to become head of the sinter plant quite quickly. In addition to my personal interest in the entire sinter process, I particularly enjoy working with my own employees very much. For my 26 employees it is very important to me that everyone feels comfortable and enjoys coming to work in order to function properly as a team. I am regularly approached due to the fact that I as a woman am working in a male-dominated industry. I personally am not bothered by this fact and the feedback I am given regarding this from my branch is also exclusively positive.

Semih Yergök – Head of work preparation

I have been working my entire professional career at DK. I started with the apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic in 2007 and then decided to study machine engineering simultaneously to my work. During my bachelor’s studies I got more and more into the operative business and was then promoted to the director of blast furnace technology after successfully completing my bachelor’s and master’s degree. In the normal daily business 6 employees belong to my department, one of them being my own father, who has been working for DK for over 40 years. My professional development, however, does not stand between us as we are able to separate work from our private lives very well and we have always had a good relationship. What I particularly like about my job is its versatility. You are not a specialist for a single area of machine engineering but are able to put everything to use and learn something new every day. Sometimes we are faced with an enormous challenge because of this, but since everybody pulls together, we have been able to solve every problem thus far. After a while as the director of blast furnace technology I got the chance for another position at DK. As the new head of work preparation I get the opportunity to develop myself and I am looking forward to new challenges.

Jessica Kinastowski – Junior human resource officer

In 2011 I started at DK with the apprenticeship as an industrial management assistant and was taken on after passing the final exam in the area of logistics. In 2016 I received an internal offer to switch to Human Resources. After moving to the new department, I completed the extra occupational advanced training towards becoming a personnel development and recruitment specialist, which was financed by my employer. Shortly after my completed advanced training I was promoted to junior human resources officer. What I particularly like about my job is the personal contact with my employees and the varied daily routine. As the one responsible for human resources of production I am the direct contact person for all corresponding employees, which is something I very much appreciate. Additionally, I find the opportunity to conduct process optimizations very interesting or to partake in these, such as, for instance, creating DK’s own recruitment test.