DK – a company with tradition

Today the DK Recycling & Roheisen GmbH is one of the largest recyclers of ferrous residual materials of the steel industry in the world.

Founded in 1876, the first recycling company of its kind back then, the „Duisburger Kupferhütte“, extracted various raw materials such as copper, zinc, lead, cadmium and pig iron from the residues of sulfuric acid production. The transition from pyrite to elementary sulfur heralded the end of the processing contract back then and laid the foundation for a new method of processing.

This day the DK relies on over more than 100 years of tradition and a unique and self-developed recycling method – the so-called DK-process. In this we focus on utilizing the residual materials delivered to us to produce pig iron with a high degree of efficiency and sustainability. In addition to the DK pig iron, we also extract a multitude of accompanying materials and valuable by-products such as zinc concentrate, blast furnace slag or blast furnace gas.