Our contribution to environmental protection

We as a company have made sustainability our mission from time immemorial. For this reason, we are especially proud that by now we reach a utilization percentage of 98% with our own developed DK-process. The residual materials that would otherwise have ended up to a waste site are now purified by our process and reintroduced into the recycling cycle reliably as well as in an environmentally responsible way.

However the DK-process also offers great potential for an environmentally friendly energy supply. The best example for this is the energetical use of furnace gas in our power plant. The furnace gas is produced during the extraction of pig iron in the blast furnace and can be used in the power plant after purification. Through this we save valuable resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions detrimental to the environment. Today, DK covers 100% of its own power requirements, supplies energy to companies located on the premises and feeds the rest into the public power supply.

Another contribution of ours to environmental protection is investing regularly into environmentally friendly technologies such as smoke desulfurization or coal dust injection. Thus our sinter plant in connection with the modern waste gas purification plant is one of the cleanest worldwide.