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The DK Philosophy

DK's business success is inextricably linked to the willingness to perform and to the qualification of DK employees.

As DK belongs to an English trust, the beneficiaries are its own employees. Therefore, securing and maintaining jobs, as well as promoting our employees are our primary objectives.

Employee Mr. Dechant


Key vacancies at DK are basically filled by our own employees. Our best example: when the position of Managing Director was concerned, we did no external recruiting, but appointed Dr. Sassen, a long-dated DK employee. It is quite usual making a career within DK, as for instance being promoted from an apprentice to a master craftsmen, or to an engineer. It is also common having DK employees for several generations from the same family with us.

Employee Mr. Schneider

"Here I can assume responsibility in an active manner by contributing with my own ideas and implementing them.
That is what I like most about DK".
Michael Schneider,
Head of the Occupational Safety Area