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Management with greatest possible DK Experience

DK relies on a long-term success through continuous development. A future security, that is - not least - supported by the greatest possible stability and long-lasting corporate membership of the Executives on the Management Board: both Managing Director Dr. Sassen and Technical Director Dr. Hillmann are long-term employees, who are familiar with every department of the business and who have responsibly led most sectors of the corporation in the past. DK purposely counts on low personnel turnover at all levels and employs many staff whose families have been closely linked with the corporation for generations.
Dr. Karl-Josef Sassen

Mr. Dr. Karl-Josef Sassen

Managing Director

Dr. Sassen was born in 1965 in Meerbusch and completed his studies of Chemistry at the University of Cologne, where he also achieved his PhD in 1995. Immediately afterwards, Dr. Sassen joined DK, where - in the years that followed - he proved his skills in key areas of the business. In 2004 Dr. Sassen first became Deputy Managing Director and later he became Managing Director.

Further and above this corporate role, he is active in numerous associations. He is currently a board member of the Steel Trade Association (Wirtschaftsvereinigung Stahl) and a board member of the Steel Institute VDEh (Stahl Institut VDEh). Further to this, he is a member of the board of the Entrepreneurs Association Ruhr and Lower Rhine (Unternehmer-Verband Ruhr-Niederrhein) and a General Assembly Member of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).



Dr. Carsten Hillmann

Mr. Dr. Carsten Hillmann

Technical Director

Dr. Hillmann, born in Hamburg in 1967, studied Metallurgy at the Technical University of Clausthal. In 1993 he graduated from his studies as an Engineer (with Diploma) and joined DK in the same year. Further to his corporate role, Dr. Hillmann achieved his PhD in 2003 at the Technical University of Clausthal on the topic of process gases in sinter plants.

After he had successfully put his skills to the test in many business areas of the DK, he took over the role of Technical Director with special responsibility for production and technology in January 2011.

In the past 12 years, Dr. Hillmann has written numerous publications on the recycling of scrap iron in the iron and steel industries, as well as on the DK process itself. Furthermore Dr. Hillmann has presented these publications at major international conferences and congresses.