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DK Supervisory Board

The company has a voluntary Supervisory Board, composed on a parity basis and consisting of six members. Three members of the Board are elected by the Shareholders' Meeting, two members of the Board are elected by the workforce and one member is delegated by IG Metall (German Industrial Union of Metalworkers).


The current members to the DK Supervisory Board are:

Dr Reiner Eisold - President
Mr Volker Kotnig - Vice President (delegated by IG Metall)
Dr Helmut Balthasar
Dr Henning Schliephake
Mr Stefan Born (elected by the employees)
Mr Yüksel Karaca (elected by the employees)

The Supervisory Board convenes as necessary, but must meet once each calendar half-year. If necessary, after the board meetings, the Managing Director will inform the group of Senior Executives about major discussion topics, so that important information can be passed on to the workforce.