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Logistic solutions

For decades, DK has been putting its logistics department's services at the disposal of its customers. We do not consider ourselves only as service providers, but also as responsible partners for planning your company's goods and waste stream. Our range of products comprises a great variety of services that would only be expected from big logistic companies. The basis of our competence lies on the long-dated cooperation with smaller, medium-sized, and large forwarding, shipping and transhipment companies. Therefore, we are able to offer you all logistic services from one single source.


Our excellent DK infrastructural prerequisites basically grant us the option to load and unload vehicles like trucks, ships and train wagons directly at our company's facilities. When it comes to combining several types of vehicles, you can benefit from DK's extreme large experience in this field. Offering logistic services from one single source means to us much more than only transporting goods. Be it on water, or on roads, short-distance traffic, or transport within the EU zone, we are able to offer you complete and also complex logistic packages, and are pleased to present all existing options to you at any time.

Please discuss your individual logistic solutions with your personal contact person directly.