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Ferrous Waste Materials

DK is presently the most significant company for ferrous dusts and sludge utilisation, and is therefore a strategic partner of the steel producing and iron processing industry. Within our own DK process, we recycle approx. 98% of our customers' steel dusts and reintegrate them to the recyclable's cycle again. In form of pig iron, zinc concentrate and slag.

In order to check the recyclability of your waste materials by DK, we need a representative sample of 1 to 2 kg material, as well as the information sheet filled in properly. We analyse the sample in the DK-laboratory, and check its utilisation and submit you a quotation to take over your materials according to the analysis result. During the whole procedure, you will receive support from direct DK contact persons who will also assist you also when it comes to official authorisations and formalities in a very competent manner.


Relevant PDF documents to download: