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Battery recycling

Thanks to its experience for decades with secondary raw materials, DK can also process certain battery types since 2001. To us, zinc / coal and alkali /manganese batteries are interesting materials as the iron of the steel coating, as well as the manganese, the copper and further metals might be converted into pig iron. The zinc concentrate obtained during the blast furnace gas scrubbing process is relevant to zinc metallurgical plants. Carbon and plastics are used as reducing substances in the blast furnace and contribute to decreasing the coke consumption. The potassium deriving from the electrolytes are bonded in the blast furnace slag to a large extent.

Considering the water released into the exhaust air, DK achieves an utilisation rate of almost 100 % regarding batteries. This is a further convincing example for the environmental DK commitment and the excellent environmental friendliness of the DK process.

This being a method of preserving resources was documented by the TV programm "Galileo" on PRO7 which accompanied a battery on its way to DK.

Relevant PDF documents to download: