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Our power plant: Energy efficiency with blast furnace gas

DK has been committed to sustainability right from the start. The DK process especially offers a great potential for an environmentally friendly energy supply. The best example for that is the energetic utilisation of blast furnace gas in our own power plant.

Blast furnace gas is being created during the pig iron production in the blast furnace. After its purification, we use it energetically in our power plant saving fossil fuels. By doing this, we are preserving valuable resources and reducing climate damaging CO2 emissions.

Power Plant


Reduction of CO2 emissions

Thanks to high investments in 2009, we managed to optimise our power generation based substantially on blast furnace gas. DK is presently covering 100% of its power demand itself, and is also supplying power to companies located on DK premises, and is feeding its surplus electricity into the public grid.